Comfy and stylish: how to choose the perfect sofa

Huge, sprawling, luxury looking sofas are all well and good in theory, but do you realistically have the space for one? If you buy a sofa that is too big for the room, it’ll end up looking cramped and much smaller than it actually is. If you do happen to be short on living space, go for a sofa with low arms (or none at all) as it will make your room look larger than it is.

Likewise, even if you do happen to be blessed with a relatively large living room, you’ll still have to decide how much space you want to have dominated by a sofa. Don’t forget about other items of furniture you’ll likely have in the room, such as coffee tables, TV stands, cabinets, and even other chairs, as they’ll all need to fit in comfortably. Go wild on the big sofa and you’ll soon find you won’t have space for much else.

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